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Disability, accessibility and special requirements


We welcome and encourage applications from all candidates and are committed to supporting all candidates to take part in the recruitment process. This includes supporting individuals who have a disability by making reasonable adjustments to the recruitment process. We are also able to provide support to candidates who require adjustments to the assessment process due to more temporary difficulties (e.g. linked to a recent injury).

We will ask you within your application form if you would like to request reasonable adjustments. If you feel you require any kind of support and/or would like to discuss this with someone, please indicate ‘yes’ to requesting reasonable adjustments within the application form. Please also review the additional information provided in the application form which relate specifically to the assessments used as part of the recruitment process.

There are a range of disabilities such as physical, neurological, intellectual or learning difficulties and mental health conditions which may underpin candidates’ requests for reasonable adjustments. We understand that the support requested will be unique to every candidate and we will work with you to help you to identify your individual requirements.

We make reasonable adjustments so that all candidates are given a fair opportunity to undertake the recruitment process. Therefore, disclosing information regarding your disability or access requirements will have no impact on the outcome of your application, regardless of your request or the role you have applied to.  For some job roles (e.g. prison officer), if you inform us of a disability/access requirement which could impact your ability to meet the required standards of the role (e.g. eyesight/fitness requirements) we will explore this further with you.


How we can support you

There are many types of reasonable adjustments that can be made during assessment processes, and the type or combination you choose to request will depend on your individual requirements.

Examples of some types of adjustments include:

  • Extra time to complete assessments;
  • Providing a break within an assessment;
  • Additional time between assessments;
  • Providing interview questions in a written format as well as orally;
  • An assessment at a certain time of day where possible (e.g. morning or afternoon);
  • Coloured overlays/filters or different fonts for assessment materials.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list but rather some examples.

Whilst we aim to confirm all adjustments requested, there may be occasions where this isn’t possible. For example, if a candidate were to request that they are not assessed on a specific behaviour outlined in the job advert this would not be possible because the behaviour has been identified as important for the job role and all candidates are assessed against this criteria. If an adjustment cannot be provided, the reasons for this will be explained to you during your contact with the reasonable adjustment scheme team.


Help with your application

During the application process, we will ask you if you require reasonable adjustments. It is important you tell us as early as possible if you would like to request reasonable adjustments so that the recruitment process runs smoothly for you.

If you do decide during the process that you do require adjustments and you have not completed all of your assessments, please contact SSCL in advance of your next assessment using the contact details below.


Contact us

If you need any help with your application, please email or call our Contact Centre:

Telephone: 0845 2415358