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What’s on offer?

You will benefit from higher take-home pay than is available via our standard prison officer recruitment process:

• We will pay your accommodation costs (up to £659 per month in London or up to £589 elsewhere) for up to 3 years.
• You will be able to reclaim the cost of a monthly trip home by public transport.

After 2 years you can decide whether to stay at the prison permanently or move to one that’s nearer to your home.

You will also benefit from comprehensive paid training and career progression opportunities.

Which prisons are in the scheme and how much will I be paid?

We currently have first deployment vacancies in each of these prisons, (others may be included later). While you’ll be able to select 3 prisons you’d prefer to work at, you’ll be assigned to one that has the most need for officers at the time of your appointment.

Your pay will depend on which prison you work at and your weekly shift hours. The figures below are based on a 39 hour week (you will start on a 37 hour contract until you have completed your initial training. You can then choose to increase your hours to 39 or 41 hours a week).

Prison Location Salary
HMP Elmley Isle of Sheppey, Kent £29,427
HMP Gartree Leicestershire £24,427*
HMP Onley Rugby, Warwickshire £24,427*
HMP Portland Dorset £24,427*
HMP Stocken Rutland £24,427*
HMP Swaleside Isle of Sheppey, Kent £29,427
HMP The Verne Dorset £24,427*
HMP Wayland Thetford, Norfolk £27,427

*These figures include a recruitment and retention payment of £1,500 each year, which will be paid at 12 monthly intervals – not as part of your monthly salary.

You will also get:

• your accommodation costs paid (up to £659 per month in London or up to £589 elsewhere) for up to 3 years.
• the cost of a monthly trip home by public transport.

What do I need to know?

• To receive the benefits available under this scheme, you can only apply to work at a prison that is at least 75 minutes or more from where you currently live*.
• When applying, you can choose 3 prisons you’d like to work at. You will be allocated to the one that has the most need for prison officers at the time.
• If you choose not to accept a position at the prison you’re offered, you won’t be offered another choice and your application will end.
• Once you’ve accepted a role, we’ll support you to find accommodation in the local area.
• You won’t be able to transfer to another prison until you’ve been in post for at least two years.

*Read our frequently asked questions for details.

What are my options after two years?

• Stay at your current prison and potentially qualify for a permanent relocation package.
• Transfer to a prison closer to your permanent home (within 60 to 75 minutes travelling distance).
• Transfer to another prison – this will depend on whether there are vacancies at that prison, and you may have to compete with other officers who also wish to transfer.

Want to know more?

Read our frequently asked questions for further details about the Prison Officer National Start scheme.



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