Reasonable adjustments

We welcome applications from all candidates; this includes people who have a disability.

You will have an opportunity to tell us if you have a disability when you apply for a youth justice worker vacancy.

We will also ask you if you would find reasonable adjustments helpful for the Online Tests and/or Assessment & Recruitment Centre (ARC).

What reasonable adjustments can we make

Reasonable adjustments remove or minimise disadvantages experienced by disabled people by putting steps in place to remove, reduce or prevent obstacles that a disabled applicant faces.

We make reasonable adjustments so that disabled candidates are not placed at a substantial disadvantage during our recruitment process.

If you would find reasonable adjustments helpful to perform at your best, you will be able to select options from a list of most-common reasonable adjustments.

If you require an adjustment that is not on the list, you will be able to select an ‘other’ option and you will be able to discuss what reasonable adjustments you would find beneficial with our Reasonable Adjustments Scheme Team.

We understand that everyone has individual requirements and we will work with you to identify these.

The simplest way for us to help put your requirements in place is by providing us with a professional assessment report. This will help to guide us as to what the most suitable adjustments are for you.

If you select ‘other’ and are unable to provide a professional assessment report, we will need to request more information from you to be able to decide whether or not reasonable adjustments can be made.

We may not be able to make all adjustments that are requested. This is because the job role of youth justice worker has specific requirements.

Help with your application

Please review our Reasonable Adjustments Scheme Guidance for youth justice worker recruitment for more details on what reasonable adjustments can be made and what documentation we require, as this is dependent on your disability and individual circumstances.

During the application process, we will ask you what reasonable adjustments you would like for the entire process – both for the Online Tests and at the ARC, so please familiarise yourself with the assessments in order to make these selections.

However, please note that all candidates will need to pass the Online Tests to progress to the Assessment & Recruitment Centre (ARC).

We ask upfront about reasonable adjustments for all stages to ensure that the recruitment process is streamlined for you.

Contact us

If you need any help with your youth justice worker application, please email or call our Contact Centre: