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Returners scheme

If you have previously worked as a Probation Officer, or Senior Probation Officer, in the Probation Service, our returners scheme will help you fast track your way back.

If you left the Civil Service in the last 5 years, you will not have to apply to go through fair and open competition. This means that there will be no application or interview process and you could be allocated a position within 2 weeks of completing your vetting.

On returning to the Probation Service, you may be able to join our new professional register which recognises and champions the professional status of our qualified probation professionals. For further information please visit: Probation Professional Register interim Policy Framework.


Probation Services returners

You can apply to the Probation Service Returners Scheme if you:

  • Left the Civil Service within the last 5 years
  • Have previously been employed as a Probation Officer or Senior Probation Officer
  • Completed your full probation period

Starting salary, within the relevant pay scale, can be considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with existing process to start candidates higher than the minimum if individual circumstances support it.

Fast track back to becoming a probation officer

Ready to return to doing vital work in an environment like no other?

Apply to return to a probation officer role

Fast track back to becoming a senior probation officer

Ready to return to doing meaningful work in a role like no other?

Apply to return to a senior probation officer role

Benefits of Applying

As part of the returners scheme you will not have to complete a lengthy application process, interview or repeat any entry level training or assessment process.

Should you meet the eligibility criteria for this post you can be allocated to an available position straight away. You will be requested to provide a probation region of your preferred choice and we’ll subsequently get in touch with you, to talk about your designated work base.

If your application is successful and there’s no vacancy in one of your preferred choices, you’ll be placed on a merit list until one is available.

Once you have been allocated, you will be subject to pre-employment checks including Occupational Health Review and you will undergo and clear pre-employment checks which will include Enhanced Level 2.

Once in your role, you will require access to the multi-agency ViSOR database, and you will therefore be required to undertake Non-Police Personnel Vetting (NPPV) Level 2.

This is routine and will apply to anyone who has been absent from the service for more than 28 days.

You can choose to work on a permanent basis or on a temporary 3-, 6- or 9-month contract. You’ll also have an option to work full-time or part-time hours.

To find out more about the fantastic benefits HMPPS has to offer please click here: Why work for HM Prison and Probation Service? – Prison and Probation Jobs

Not ready to apply yet? Or left more than 5 years ago?

Sign up to our alumni network to keep in touch. You’ll get updates on our vacancies sent direct to your inbox so you can apply when the time is right for you. 

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